E.L. Succotash



Baby Fight

In an Apocalyptic World, Even Babies Must Fight to Survive

Here is the raw, uncut, straight out of the camera version of Baby Fight. The only processing that has been applied was in deinterlacing the DVD video during conversion to a format that would be viewable on the web. Paul Gutches and I made it for the 2009 Taos Bentley Super-8 Film Festival, for which contestants are given a roll of Super-8 film and access to a camera. No editing whatsoever is allowed -- you submit your exposed film and a soundtrack which may or may not sync up with the movie ("Blahooz" and samples from "Enter The Dragon" in our case), and the first time you get to see the fruit of your labors is the night of the festival along with the audience and other film-makers. The response to Baby Fight was terrific, and it won the Best Film and People's Choice awards.