E.L. Succotash


Fufar Drapoom

One Man's Journey into the Sinister Night of Endless Shadows of TOWERING Pink Sprinkles on Chocolate Donuts -- without Shame, without Reason -- Chipping at their very Foundations, almost at WAR with Itself and Incontrovertiblizing Glowing Green Beetle Guts, wondering of their Medicinality. (2015)
01. Rudy's Grand Introduction 1
02. PigWitch
03. Liposuction
04. Troglodyte Ballet
05. A Brief Intermission
06. Rudy's Grand Introduction 2
07. Stella's Drunken Basement Dream Jam
08. Olaf's Drunken Basement Dream Jam
09. Kitty's Drunken Basement Dream Jam
10. Space XXX
11. Secret Habits Of Ordinary People
12. Private Cyclops
13. Space Aliens Are Not Your Friends (instrumental version)