E.L. Succotash


Sketches of E. L. Succotash 2

Collection of rough song sketches -- with mistakes, out of tune guitars, bad mixes, etc. (2016)

Klobber Down

An elucidation of the role of doom metal in the secret and sordid relationship of itinerant exorcists and vegan taxidermy. (2016)

Fufar Drapoom

One Man's Journey into the Sinister Night of Endless Shadows of TOWERING Pink Sprinkles on Chocolate Donuts -- without Shame, without Reason -- Chipping at their very Foundations, almost at WAR with Itself and Incontrovertiblizing Glowing Green Beetle Guts, wondering of their Medicinality. (2015)

Weenie Royale

A damning indictment of the depredations of the secret brotherhood of lazy-eyed didgeridoo masters of Vladislava, inveterate sugar-junkies who lull girl-scouts to passivity with their guttural droning before making off with their cookies. (2012)

Incessant Twanging

A meditation on elastic waist-bands and their relation to brunette Tupperware in the suburbs of Cleveland. (2011)


My statement about how sad it would be if all the tigers went away to another planet. (2010)


An exploration of the dark souls of coptic pre-adolescent snake-handling solipsists of eastern Roscoe county Arkansas. (2000)

Haunted House

Soundtrack from a project designed to scare small children. (1999)

Mao Chow

A clarion call to the hordes of orphaned mutants living on the banks of the East River in sewage-flooded shanty towns to rise up and take the Spaghetti dinners that are owed them. (1996)

Baba Creode

A scream for justice for the nomadic coati herders of the Atlas Mountains, whose livestock is pillaged constantly by raiders of the hashish-addled Moroccan Pentecostal Front. (1993)

Gateway Train

Gateway Train was a late night radio program broadcast sporadically on Saturdays, spring 1999 to spring 2000, from KRZA 88.7 FM in Alamosa, CO. Started by three visionary quacks, it quickly blossomed into a large collaboration of many visionary loons: DJ "Slashmaster" Hombres, Barnmaster "Scud" Earl, E. L. Succotash, Jrpr Valleyhoo, DJ Poop, DJ Freebox, JonBenJami, La Femme Vikita, Great Scott, Anne Tonia, Baba Dave, Willy the Tarrible, Dave and Stephane Wermoovinbaktofilly, Dr. Sesh Pepper, Tetsuo "Babyface" Namba, et al.

Think of a Space Traveler in our neighborhood of the galaxy -- barraged by all the signals blasting off the earth from the television, radio, cell phone, and satellite transmitters -- a flood of noisy waves that would increase in strength as this Traveler neared the earth. And imagine if it orbited, 100 miles up -- some signals would strengthen as others faded. To some degree, most Gateway Train episodes approximate that effect. Much of the time we practiced total maximalism. The beauty we created was often times a terrible beauty. One friend called it "a forest of sound."

Some people experience Gateway Train as grating, and certainly there are difficult passages. (I'm reminded of the time when I was sitting at a banquet table with screaming relatives and barking dogs in a low-ceilinged concrete room, when my shirtless uncle walked in, revving a chainsaw in one hand and holding out the ringing telephone in the other. "It's your mother," he shouted, "she says you suck.")

I would guess that there are tapes of only about half of the total shows we did -- some tapes are lost, some shows weren't recorded at all, and many only partially. Every show, however, is traveling outward at some incredibly fast speed, adding to the cosmic noise.

The following excerpts encompass only a fraction of the total extant recordings. They're my favorite moments, some long, some short. Other members of the G-Train would no doubt choose other segments as their favorites. (They work well on shuffle -- if you know a guy who knows a guy who might be into that sort of thing.) (1999-2000)